PMR-008 "Country Place" © 1976

Don Thompson

Acoustic piano and Vibraphone
Gene Perla
Acoustic and electric basses
Joe LaBarbera

A Country Place 7:20
For Chris Gage 5:20
Sasha's Delight 7:44
Second Voyage 6:21
Full Nelson 3:51
Song for Sonny 7:59
All Compositions by Don Thompson

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A Country Place
For Chris Gage
Sasha's Delight
Second Voyage
Full Nelson
Song for Sonny

This is primarily a look at Thompson the composer, and his mood here is one of being at peace with himself and his world… Thompson’s music on this album establishes a somewhat haunting, romantic mood. The title tune is little more than a thematic fragment, which is gently explored and gradually built toward climax before dropping back again to a quiet restatement of the theme. If the improvisation on the scant melody weren’t so beautiful, and if his rhythmic backing wasn’t so sensitive, Thompson wouldn’t have brought this tune off so well. It takes a masterful touch to avoid the pitfalls of repetition.
Lois Moody, The Citizen

The tunes are loaded with beautiful melodies backed by Perla’s likewise melodic bass and Joe’s crisp, clean drum-work. It’s simply great listening music.
Bill Wahl, Buffalo Jazz Report

Don Thompson with “Country Place” has put together a really fine album. Thompson, assisted by Gene Perla (basses) and Joe LaBarbera (drums), is adept at either piano or vibes, and also mixes them on some numbers, and the result is excellent music. The album takes you through various moods, very much a journey to a country place; everyone should check it out, the music is beautiful.
Danny Kunsch, Community Radio

As a pianist and vibist (often double-tracked), Thompson glistens in trio with Gene Perla (bass) and Joe LeBarbera (drums). He composes with an ear for carefully flowing order. The brisk stroll of the promenading ballads are lovely, and the Jarrett-like meditations float like clouds under the stars. This album feels like a perfect Ontario holiday, if you’re an urbanite in love.
Bart Testa, Night Out


"Don Thompson is a Canadian pianist/bassist/vibist/composer who lives in Toronto. You've probably heard him playing bass on the recent live albums by Jim Hall or Paul Desmond."
Buffalo Jazz Report

"It was when Don came to Toronto from Vancouver that things started to happen."
Moe Koffman

"Thompson is a virtuoso on bass and sometimes even sounds as if he were playing a flamenco guitar in his solos!"
Ralph Gleason

"One of the city's best all-around musicians on both piano and bass. In fact, Thompson has been associated with almost every important jazz band in this country. Currently he is pianist and writer for the Moe Koffman Quintet, one of the most consistently employed jazz ensembles in the country. He also serves as bassist for the all-star big band The Boss Brass, and has played with, among others, Montreal guitar master Sonny Greenwich, and the country's pioneering jazz/rockers the Dr. Music band."
AudioScene Canada

PMR-011-S "From Canada With Love" © 1976


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