PMR-006 "New Life" © 1976

Bernie Senensky

Michel Donato
Acoustic bass
Marty Morell
Drums, Bells

Lolito's Theme 3:56
Another Gift 5:36
Little Waltz For A Little Boy 6:13
B.B. 2:50
New Life Blues 4:31
Ronnie 5:30
Poochie 6:20
Beloved Gift 4:58
All Compositions by Bernie Senensky

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Lolito's Theme
Another Gift
Little Waltz For A Little Boy
New Life Blues
Beloved Gift

Bernie Senensky’s “New Life” (PM), a straight ahead effort, encompasses a wide range of moving textures and feeling all of which eventually constitute a spider web effect on the inner ear.
Graham Carlton

Pianist Bernie Senensky is something of a keyboard wizard. He plays not one, but three instruments – acoustic piano, electric piano and synthesizer – and manages the difficult feat of making all his music flow with the ease and energy of a high mountain stream.
Stephen Gauer, Ottawa Journal

New Life represents many things but above all it is clearly-defined acoustic jazz (with the exception of one electric tune, “Beloved Gift”). It represents Canadian pianist Bernie Senensky’s first effort as a leader. Bassist Michael Donato and long-time Bill Evans drummer Marty Morell round out the trio. New Life reflects many moods; from the free-swinging “New Life Blues” to the introspective, subdued “Ronnie.” Senensky’s left hand subtlety punctuates the thoughtful and fluid leads of his right. Bernie Senensky has been a sideman with the likes of Phil Woods, Art Farmer and Joe Williams and here displays why Canadians take such pride in him.
J.H., Buffalo Jazz Report

Senensky’s piano works sweet magic.
Jack Batten, Globe and Mail


PMR-021 "Free Spirit" © 1981

Bernie Senensky

David Piltch
Terry Clarke
Don Alias

Free Spirit 7:00
No More Tears 6:38
Silver Trane 5:58
Homeland 6:40
Adam 3:02
In Love Again 5:04
Reunion 6:02
All Compositions by Bernie Senensky

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Free Spirit
No More Tears
Sliver Trane
In Love Again

Senesky is an impressive jazzman who should be around for a long time.
International Musician

Free Spirit, the piano and music of Bernie Senensky and his trio, making warm solo statements, surprising harmonies and inventions, playing music he enjoys.
Jack Burke

This album emphasizes Senensky's versatility.

The electric title cut has an open-country melodic feeling. "Homeland," which recalls an up-tempo "Maiden Voyage," conveys a similar spaciousness. Perhaps these are reflections of Senensky's Winnipeg, Manitoba birthplace and roots.

Senesky proves that he has excellent technique and the right vocabulary for modern jazz. He wrote all the tunes, too.
Owen Cordle, Jazz Times

Senensky's new LP... distinguishes the keyboardist as a jazz talent to be reckoned with. Like Chick Corea, he is one of the rare jazz performers to weld traditional, progressive, and electric form easily and tastefully.

Bernie Senensky has crafted an album that is tasteful, eminently listenable, challenging, and is ultimately real jazz.
Eric Snider

"Senensky plays exciting piano."

"You just have to listen to him."
Toronto Star

"He is his own man when his lyrical talents take over."
Ottawa Citizen

"The piano solos were outstanding."
Coda Magazine

"Canadians take such pride in him."
Buffalo Jazz Report

"Senensky is poetic, romantic, and florid, yet full of glittering runs."
Montreal Gazette

"Senensky is a fellow who plays with authority."
Toronto Globe & Mail

"One of the finest pianists I have worked with in my career."
Elvin Jones

"I could just sit and listen to him play all day."
Bill Evans

"Jazz piano is alive and well in Canada."
Contemporary Keyboard


PMR-033 "Invitation" © 2011

Bernie Senensky
Gene Perla
Ben Riley

Come To Me (Bernie Senensky)
Beloved Gift Music 5:13
Blues For E. J. (Bernie Senensky)
Beloved Gift Music 7:20
Come Rain or Come Shine (Arlen & Mercer)
S A Music & Warner Olive Music 7:37
Bill’s Waltz (Gene Perla)
Perla Music 5:49
Invitation (Kaper & Webster)
EMI Robbins & Webster Music 9:24
Old Folks (Hill & Robison)
Warner Bros 8:08
Young And Foolish (Hague & Horwitt)
Chappell Co 8:24
It’s Alright With Me (Cole Porter)
Chappell Co 9:35
My One And Only Love (Mellin & Wood)
Colgems EMI Music & Warock Corp 8:26
Bud Lines (Bernie Senensky)
Beloved Gift Music 4:11


Cashbox Canada

The Whole Note

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Come To Me
Blues For E. J.
Come Rain Or Come Shine
Bill's Waltz
Old Folks
Young And Foolish
It's Alright With Me
My One And Only Love
Bud Lines



I'm listening to the CD, and I'm totally loving it. You certainly have a fine triple intuition going on. The tunes are great, and the playing straight out of the "quantum foam." So thanks, and congratulations, and warm wishes.

Bernie Senensky has long been a major player on the Canadian jazz scene but somehow remains undervalued, which is outrageous – he’s always a fount of fresh ideas, an assured performer with incredible technique who honours jazz tradition. Thus on Senensky-Perla-Riley - Invitation (P M Records PMR-033 www.PMRecords.com) the pianist demonstrates his mastery of melodic, harmonic and improvisational possibilities, starting with two of his own – the hard-charging Come To Me and a potent Blues For E.J. Six standards adorn this get-together with bassist Gene Perla and drummer Ben Riley, with notably subtle Senensky approaches to Old Folks and Young And Foolish. Perla scores with his stylish Bill’s Waltz and the leader closes with a rousing Bud Lines that would have the late piano legend smiling.
Geoff Chapman
Wholenote Magazine Sept 2011




PMR-011-S "From Canada With Love" © 1976


Bernie Senensky + Doug Riley + Don Thompson + Pat LaBarbera + Ed Bickert
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