The Gene Machine

PMR-042 "Out Of The Gate"
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Ben Seacrist - Trumpet
Nicole Glover - Tenor Saxophone
Oscar Williams II - Acoustic Grand Piano
Gene Perla - Double-Bass
Nic Cacioppo - Drums

1) R U Celebral 5:58
2) Four On The Floor 5:19
3) Miss T 5:50
4) Korinna 5:54
5) 'Round Town 6:41
6) Sandy's Dance 7:09
7) Swissterday 5:00
8) Spring Rain 4:52
9) Sweet Mama 6:06
10) Taking A Good Long Look 6:39

All Compositions by Gene Perla, except "Taking A Good Long Look" by Gene Perla and Lorraine Feather, Perla Music (ASCAP)

Recorded on 13 Dec 2016 at The System, Easton, PA
by Nicholas de la Motte
Edited & mixed by Nicholas de la Motte & Gene Perla
Graphic Design by Mirna Plakalovic and Gene Perla
Produced by Gene Perla

Copyright 2017 P. M. Records

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R U Celebral
Four On The Floor
Miss T
'Round Town
Sandy's Dance
Spring Rain
Sweet Mama
Taking A Good Long Look


Your writing knocks me out…it’s the real deal. Slick melodies and hip changes. It’s encouraging to hear young musicians so steeped in tradition, knowledge of chords, willingness to stretch, and proficient on their instruments. The future is in (your) good hands. Marty Sheller



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