New Light

PMR-041 "Live"
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David Liebman - Soprano/Tenor Saxophones
                               Wood Flute
Adam Niewood - Tenor Saxophone
Gene Perla - Double-Bass
Adam Nussbaum - Drums

1) New Breed by David Liebman 9:33
2) Sambra by Gene Perla 14:05
3) Shinjitu by Keiko Jones 13:11
4) Simone by Frank Foster 13:29
5) The Children, Save The Children
     by Don Garcia 5:23
6) Taurus People by Farouq Dawud 10:12

Recorded at the Lafayette Bar
Easton, PA, US on 19 Apr 2014
by Adam Niewood and Vince Mondillo
Edited/Mixed/Mastered by Nicholas de la Motte
at The System MSP, Easton, PA, US

Cover Design by Gene Perla
Produced by New Light

Copyright 2016 P. M. Records

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New Breed
The Children, Save The Children
Taurus People



- Superb!
- Everybody loved your concert, it was a truly beautiful.
- Congratullations for your great sound, technique and expression on your instruments!!
- Thank you very much for your concert in Chile, it was a real pleasure to hear your music, great solos last night.
- The concert of the New Light group was the best jazz performance that I have attended in the last 10 years.

Thanks for visiting us on John Coltrane’s 90th birthday.
It became a very special and fantastic evening for us. One of the best concerts ever since the start in 1979.
And our audience, mostly members of the club this night, loved it!
Rolf at UriJazz, Tønsberg, Norway

Absolute essence.
If somebody asks you what jazz is about, take them to a New Light show or play their music.
Elvin Jones must be proud.
Krzysztof at Kielce Cultural Center, Kielce, Poland

The performance of New Light at Zig Zag was one of the most impressive jazz concerts I've ever seen. 
Dimitris at Zig Zag Jazz Club, Berlin, Germany

I have NOT forgotten the wonderful memorable concert you guys served us on September 22nd 2016!
Everyone who attended voiced their delight in this life giving experience.
It was what we in Norwegian call "en høydare," sort of like a highlight.
As for myself I now listen often to your music on Spotify which keeps my spirits high.
Wishing for a next time!!
Eli Karin Walle, Stoyville Jazz Club,Molde, Norway

I would like to inform you that it was an amazing evening.
The band is complete. Sounds were incredibly clear. The pieces were played with huge energy.
It was one of the best performance I've ever been to!!!!!!
Andrew Cieślikiewicz, Cracow, Poland



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