PMR-017 "Music in my Heart" © 1979

Kathryn Moses

Vocals, Flutes & Saxophones
Doug Riley
Robert Piltch
Erica Goodman
David Piltch
Terry Clarke
Buff Allen
Don Alias

Lucky Duck 2:35
Music in my Heart 4:18
Should Be Ancient History 3:48
Katrina 4:32
More Than Ever 4:29
Love to See You Smile 6:37
It's Spring 3:45
Shine on Me 6:57
All Compositions by Kathryn Moses

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Lucky Duck
Music In My Heart
Should Be Ancient History
More Than Ever
Love To See You Smile
It's Spring
Shine on Me

This is one young lady who should be seen and heard at every possible opportunity. Incredible.
Winnipeg Free Press

Her voice is wide-ranging, capable of a fairly open vibrato when the mood and circumstances dictate, and then instantly crisp and clean... Moses the flautist [is] equally delightful.
Ernie Mutimer, The Tribune

But her way with the melodies themselves was consistently breathtaking.

We knew that, however. An we knew she could be as inventive with her singing as with her playing.
The Toronto Sun

The album is warm, vivacious and always engaging, very much like the lady herself. Nothing impresses more than her versatility: first as a singer of both lyrics and scatlines, though sounding smaller of voice than she seems to be in person; then as a flutist, hard driving and wistful in turn.
Mark Miller, Record Week

I am particularly enamored of Music in my Heart which Miss Moses sings, flutes and saxes (with some brilliant dubbing) with infectious good humour and good taste.
Mark Allen, What's On

The kind of record we like to call natural music. Moses shapes sounds with flute and sax that transcend the record making process and fit into a category simply of "good" music. A truly alive recording.
Graham Carlton, Midwest Record Recap

"Jazz flutist Moses filled with adventure."
Toronto Star

"You can hear her in a ballet orchestra at the O'Keefe, in a show at Massey Hall, in jingles on television, in sessions for albums, in clubs with top jazzbands, and in concert with her own group."
Toronto Sun

"Like a magician, she had beside her a small table on which were the flutes and piccolo with which she performed her own special magic."
Winnipeg Tribune

"There was heart and humor in everything Kathryn played and delightful whimsy in her introductions, but her way with the melodies themselves was consistently breathtaking."
Toronto Sun

"Brand new lines and phrases were played and woven into various textures of tonal blankets and rhythmic patterns."
Winnipeg Free Press

"This is one young lady who should be seen and heard at every possible opportunity. Incredible."
Buffalo Jazz Report

"A CBC "broadcast recording" by the popular Toronto flutist, vocalist and composer, winner of the Canadian Music Council Award."
Record Week

"Moses sounded so musical and intelligent and so touched with jazz that a listener couldn't help feeling full of wonder and optimism."
Toronto Globe & Mail

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